Yoga With Children


Does your child struggle to focus at school? Do they have tantrums and fight with other kids?

Yoga is a great tool to support kids to begin to develop or deepen their physical and emotional awareness, to learn to self-regulate, to improve their spatial awareness, balance and coordination. It supports concentration and relaxation.

What would a child's yoga session consist of?

Each and every session is different. We will however always begin by a setting an intent – this comes from the child or from the parent(s)/carer(s), are then the session is created around the intent. Intents might include; “to bring more awareness to my body”, “to help me find ways to calm myself”, “to help me to feel strong and have better balance”, “to let me feel sad”.

In terms of the “what”, sessions might include yoga poses, singing, free movement, art, dance, meditation, nature connection, relaxation...weaved in with stories and games.

Sessions are very child lead and are a space for children to explore their emotions, bodies and thoughts. I like to use non-violent communication with children to help me to really hear and understand them and support them to also identify their needs and ask for what they want and learn about boundaries too.

My training

I completed my Yoga Kids training with RainbowKids Yoga in 2015 and first started sharing yoga with children as an Occupational Therapist working with children with challenges with coordination. It was amazing to see how much they loved it and how much it seemed to be helping them physically and emotionally.

Times and locations

My availability for children's yoga sessions is flexible. Sessions can be held at Beetroot Sauvage, Causewayside, or CAIM at St Margarets House, Meadowbank or I can come to you if required.


Child & Family Yoga

Sessions are £45 and last 45 mins to an hour (depending child to child)

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