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Sunday 22nd September 10 -1 pm:

An Autumn Nest - A Forrest Yoga & Bodywork Workshop

The intention for this workshop is to restore and replenish the body and mind through a gentle Forrest Yoga practice and partnered bodywork.

The yoga practice will be Forrest and Forrest inspired, connecting to the body and the breath and learning to move and breathe in ways that promote this grounding, spacious connection.

The practice will be accessible to everyone - seasoned practitioners, those who have never touched yoga before and people working with injuries.

The bodywork will be an introduction to bodywork sharing methods of connecting with ourselves and each other in ways that can soothe the nervous system and help to release both physical and emotional held tension in the body.

More info & booking: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4315882

Saturday 26th October 10 - 1 pm:

Strength & Release: A Handstands & Bodywork Workshop

‘…Handstand practice develops focus, determination and physical and mental strength to overcome what seems impossible. It is a journey of patience and trust in the process of learning. Taking us out of our heads and into our bodies, reversing the flow of blood and leaving us feeling lighter and more energised. Learning to handstand is learning to be playful and childlike again.

…Yoga Bodywork is a fusion of massage, myofascial release, breathwork and yoga used to support the body to relax, release and heal itself from pain, injury and physical and emotional holdings…’

More info & booking: coming soon