Private Yoga Sessions

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Whether you are working with an injury, have never practiced yoga before or live a busy stressful lifestyle, a private Forrest yoga session could be just what you're looking for.

Perhaps your goal is to understand and work more thoroughly with specific injuries, maybe you'd like to develop a home practice, or work with an emotional issue but this time from a body-based perspective. Whatever it is, the sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs in a supportive and fun way!

The typical things we can cover include:

  • healing and working with injuries (back pain, sore neck and shoulders, wrists, knees, tight chest etc)

  • increasing breath capacity

  • posture and alignment

  • creating a daily routine

  • emotional issues (fear, anxiety, low confidence, grief)

  • chair yoga

What a session might look like

Typically we would have a chat a few days before the session so I can can get to grips with what's going on for you and create a plan for the practice. During the session itself we would do a yoga practice which would likely incorporate hands on assists, breath-work and perhaps some bodywork. These sessions are about time for you, to be held in a safe space and give yourself the energy and attention you need.

Edinburgh locations

Monday – Friday

Santosa Studio, 21 Albert Street, EH7 5LH


Beetroot Sauvage, 33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace, EH9 1SX


Private Yoga

1 hour: £50

90 minutes: £75

2 hours: £100

10% discount for students/retired



Get in touch by emailing or by phone (call or text): 07583 732 912