Pregnancy Yoga


Forrest Yoga and the Poppy Perinatal Approach can be beneficial, therapeutic and revolutionary at each stage of pregnancy.

Pre-pregnancy yoga:

  • prepares the body, mind and spirit for birth

  • teaches deep breathing

  • helps create an inviting place for new life to grow!

Pre-natal yoga:

  • create a kind and loving relationship with your changing body

  • begin to create a bond between you and your baby

  • create a deeper relationship with yourself, your feelings and your needs

  • build strength and softness in your body that is beneficial for giving birth

Post-natal yoga:

  • nurture your body and spirit after giving birth

  • connect and build relationship with yourself, your body and the changes in your body and spirit

  • a loving, nourishing practice just for you

  • ease aches, pains and post natal brain fog

  • increase endorphins - happy hormones to help with tension, stress, depression


Private Sessions

1 hour: £50

90 minutes: £75

2 hours: £100

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