Family Yoga


Family yoga offers time to have fun, play games, sing songs, practice loving touch, relax and build connection together

Life for families today can easily be really strained and really hard. We don't have the same way of being in communities as we used to and so parents are stretched with regards to time and energy, and often it can be incredibly difficult to then find ways to connect and stay in close connection with each other.

The sessions are created firstly by identifying an intent; through discussing where you're at and what you feel you need. I'll then suggest activities to meet those needs as we go along. Every suggestion is an invitation for you to feel into what feels right and to either go for it, or do something else. Sometimes parents or children are invited to lead certain activities and sometimes I'll lead. The kinds of things we might do are: yoga poses, yoga games, singing, meditation, acro-yoga, self-massage or massage each other, art, nature connection and relaxation.

Whilst working as an Occupational Therapist and a Family Support Worker I turned to yoga with families many times to help support connection, play and often steps towards deep rooted family breakdowns. Family yoga possibilities are endless, fun and often deeply powerful.


Sessions can be at Beetroot Sauvage in Causewayside, CAIM at St Margarets House in Meadowbank, at your home or sometimes even outside.


Family Yoga

Sessions are £50 and last been 45 mins to an hour

10% off block bookings (5 sessions £225, 10 sessions £450)

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