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Bodywork combines myofascial release, deep tissue massage, breath work and yoga. This kind of massage supports recovery from injuries, relieves tension and brings the body and spirit back into balance.

Our bodies reveal our life story, for example painful rounded shoulders and sore necks often show up working/stressing at a computer screen every day, or perhaps we have chronic back pain due to an old injury that we haven't recovered from. Emotions are also held in our cell tissue and often support is needed to release these holdings.

Bodywork (massage) can ease out tension and emotions held in the body to help us to physically move more freely, restore our posture back to better alignment, and therefore give us more energy!

Bodywork is also really relaxing, helping the body to support itself and bring some soothing into our busy lives. It can also be a great way to support the body before or after surgery.

What to expect

Beginning with a visual assessment identifying where tension manifests in the body and discussing the priorities of the session.

Then with a combination of myofascial release, deep tissue massage and breath work, working together we support the body to relax and release tension.

To deepen the work, I may recommend further sessions, Forrest Yoga poses, breathing or meditation techniques for home.

Bodywork can help with

  • posture and alignment

  • injuries and pain

  • emotional issues, stress and trauma

  • breathing

  • pre and post operative

  • scar tissue remediation

  • tools to continue the work

A huge aspect of bodywork for me is about conveying to another human being that they are loved and that they matter, through the medium of touch. That in itself can be so healing.
— Jane Mann

Private Bodywork

1 hour: £60

90 minutes: £90

2 hours: £120

10% discount for students/retired



Get in touch by emailing or phone (call or text): 07583 732 912

Sessions held at:

Santosa Studio, 21 Albert Street, EH75LH


Beetroot Sauvage, 33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace, EH91SX