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Jane Mann

Jane Mann


I was dragged along to my first yoga class by my mum when I was just 13 – thank you, Mum!

Throughout school, uni and working as an Occupational Therapist, I kept returning to yoga to support myself physically and emotionally.

In 2015 I took the steps to becoming a teacher and completed a 200 hours Hatha Yoga Training with Sunshine Ross of Rainbowlight Yoga. That training felt like the biggest gift to myself and for which I am so grateful.

In 2016 I discovered Forrest Yoga. The greatest gift of Forrest Yoga was the tools and safe space to stay in my body and be present with the feelings and sensations arising moment by moment - something at times, I still find difficult today.

This called me to do the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training with Ana Forrest in Berlin in 2017. On my return to Edinburgh I began teaching group classes and privates sessions straight away.

The Forrest Yoga Training got me ever more fascinated with yoga, the human body and its potential for healing, spurring me to join Brian Campbell and Jambo Truong (Forrest Yoga Guardians) on my first Yoga Bodyworkers training.

I began offering Yoga Bodywork immediately I was so excited by it!

In 2018 I then trained in advanced myofascial release and somatic experiencing with Simonetta Logan and began weaving this into yoga bodywork sessions too.

In early 2019 I joined Charlie Speller, Forrest Yoga Teacher and Poppy Perinatal Trainer and specialist in Pre and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher training and add this work into group classes and private sessions.

Finally, my latest adventure has been diving into the land of coaching. I started receiving coaching in 2018 and benefited from it so much that I began training in Transformational Coaching a year later. Since then, I have been coaching clients worldwide; asking questions, holding space and offering processes to support clients to live the lives they want and dream of. The coaching I offer pulls all of my skills together; it is a full body, mind and spirit experience.

When not yoga/bodywork/coaching, I love being in nature, walking, camping and wild swimming. I love singing, dancing, drumming, reading and going on retreat. I have a dedicated meditation practice and a dear meditation community here in Edinburgh.

If you feel inspired to read more about my teachers, here are some links to their work: